I was laid off from work (Wal-Mart) tonight. An hour before I was supposed to go home for the night the manager Chris calls me to his office. I knew something was wrong because he has never asked me to go to his office. He just said "Sales our down 30% so tonight is your last night...sign here...if you want to apply to work here in the future we would love to have you back...oh and give your badge to Rhonda before you leave."


A drive by what is left of my house every day. It’s a constant memory of what our life once was. I am so thankful that no one was hurt or worse in the house fire. I know it is just a house, but it was our house. We lost everything. All of our pictures, my kids baby items, home videos, items from our wedding, things my kids made, David's Dads flag from the army, there are some things we just can't replace. I've been hearing for a while that what is left of our house is going to be burned down the rest of the way to make it easier when the land needs to be cleared. I've been wondering if it will be easier for me once the house is gone completely.  I am thankful we have a roof over our head, but we are living in a very small place that is big enough for 2 people and we have a family of 6. We have tried to get financing to buy a mobile home since we know rebuilding is not even an option because of our credit. I have gone to almost every place that sells mobile homes. We always hear the same thing. You own your land we can get a home with little or no money down. Then we get the phone call I'm sorry we are not able to get you financing for a home. I just want to scream!
Brent came home from school today a little upset. He said a girl that he thought was a friend of his was making fun of him and saying he isn't cool like the other kids because he wears glasses and a hearing aide!

Being a Mom I wanted to go up to the school and give that girl a piece of my mind.
I know that would just cause more trouble for him and probably for me as well. lol

David and I raise our kids to treat everyone the way you would want others to treat you. Just because someone is different than you does NOT mean you can treat that person badly or make fun of them.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I want to thank everyone who nominated us for EMHE by writing emails on our behalf. I have been amazed at the outpouring of love and support we have received from all our friends and family! We still have not heard anything since my husband was contact from someone from the show in July. We are still praying we will be picked, but we don't want to get our hopes up either. I know if we aren't picked then there was another family out there that needed a home more than what we do.

I've been searching online every week to see if anyone from East TN has been picked for this season and so far I haven't found anything! I'll keep everyone updated!

My life changed over night

Well...since our house burned to the ground on June 18, our life as we knew it changed completely. Even though we lost our house and everything that was in it, I know it could have been a lot worse.  I know God was watching over us and I know he still is. The lady from the Red Cross told me the day of the house fire, "That I would soon realize who my true friends are" and that is so true! I am grateful for the people who have helped us. Either by donating clothing, money, helping with the kids, or just calling to make sure we are doing ok. We also appreciate everyone's prayers. Most of the people who donated clothing and money we don't even know. I have been so overwhelmed with how helpful complete strangers have been. I have never gone through anything like this before. The night of the fire my husband and I were thankful just to get a toothbrush. The day of the fire and the days after the fire I felt like I was walking around in a daze. I know this has been even more dramatizing for my kids. They don't understand how they could go from having from what I use to say was too many toys to not have much of anything. I have tried to keep my kids busy since the fire by taking them to the park, the movies, or going out for lunch. Nick's birthday was at the end of June, so he has the most toys. Someone gave Celie a Tinker Bell purse, and she takes it with her every where she goes. She even sleeps with it. I try to stay up beat for my kids and even for David. I know everything is just as hard if not harder on him now. After living with my parents for over a month, we are now living in a one bedroom apartment that my parents own. It use to be a building they used for their office. We have two sets of bunk beds that were donated to us on one side of the living room. That is where the 4 kids sleep. I'm not complaining. I'm thankful! Everything that we now own was given to us. When you lose everything you own you are thankful to get anything, even if it's something that is 30 years old.
I know we go through things in life for a reason. Going through this I have learned a lot about people. I know I am thankful for everything I have and I want to do more to help others.

Video of what is left of our house 

Feeling Helpless

As soon as I got to class this morning my husband sends me a text message that our youngest son, Nicholas has had a seizure. Our son Nick has been having the Absence Stare seizures for a while now and he is on medicine for that, but he has never jerked before. I told my husband to please go pick up our son and I’ll meet him. I call Nick’s teacher to tell her my husband is on his way. I start crying because I then realize I forgot to give Nick his seizure medicine this morning. His teacher tells me she does not think by him missing one dose would cause this to happen. I meet my husband at Children’s hospital...we wait for a hour...we get to a room...wait a few more hours...the doctor comes in we tell him everything..he wants to do a strep test since Nick has had a cold...we wait another hour...the nurse comes in tells us it should not be much my son a Popsicle since he has not had anything to eat since breakfast... .we wait another hour or so...the doctor comes in and says he has strep, and that could be the reason why he had a more severe seizure. We wait another hour...the nurse goes to lunch...another hour goes by...she comes in and we ask her when we can leave..she says as soon as the doctor comes back in to see our son...the doctor comes in about 45 minutes later and says ok you can leave now!

Please remember my son Nicholas in your prayers!