Feeling Helpless

As soon as I got to class this morning my husband sends me a text message that our youngest son, Nicholas has had a seizure. Our son Nick has been having the Absence Stare seizures for a while now and he is on medicine for that, but he has never jerked before. I told my husband to please go pick up our son and I’ll meet him. I call Nick’s teacher to tell her my husband is on his way. I start crying because I then realize I forgot to give Nick his seizure medicine this morning. His teacher tells me she does not think by him missing one dose would cause this to happen. I meet my husband at Children’s hospital...we wait for a hour...we get to a room...wait a few more hours...the doctor comes in we tell him everything..he wants to do a strep test since Nick has had a cold...we wait another hour...the nurse comes in tells us it should not be much longer...gives my son a Popsicle since he has not had anything to eat since breakfast... .we wait another hour or so...the doctor comes in and says he has strep, and that could be the reason why he had a more severe seizure. We wait another hour...the nurse goes to lunch...another hour goes by...she comes in and we ask her when we can leave..she says as soon as the doctor comes back in to see our son...the doctor comes in about 45 minutes later and says ok you can leave now!

Please remember my son Nicholas in your prayers!