I was laid off from work (Wal-Mart) tonight. An hour before I was supposed to go home for the night the manager Chris calls me to his office. I knew something was wrong because he has never asked me to go to his office. He just said "Sales our down 30% so tonight is your last night...sign here...if you want to apply to work here in the future we would love to have you back...oh and give your badge to Rhonda before you leave."


A drive by what is left of my house every day. It’s a constant memory of what our life once was. I am so thankful that no one was hurt or worse in the house fire. I know it is just a house, but it was our house. We lost everything. All of our pictures, my kids baby items, home videos, items from our wedding, things my kids made, David's Dads flag from the army, there are some things we just can't replace. I've been hearing for a while that what is left of our house is going to be burned down the rest of the way to make it easier when the land needs to be cleared. I've been wondering if it will be easier for me once the house is gone completely.  I am thankful we have a roof over our head, but we are living in a very small place that is big enough for 2 people and we have a family of 6. We have tried to get financing to buy a mobile home since we know rebuilding is not even an option because of our credit. I have gone to almost every place that sells mobile homes. We always hear the same thing. You own your land we can get a home with little or no money down. Then we get the phone call I'm sorry we are not able to get you financing for a home. I just want to scream!