Fireman's Wife

I am a Fireman's Wife

The table's set, the meal's prepared,

and our guests will soon arrive.

My Husband once more disappears,

with the hope of keeping a child alive.

While waiting at home alone,

our plans have gone awry.

My first response is to

sit right down and cry.

But soon again I realize

the importance of my life,

When I agreed to take on the duties

of being a Fireman's Wife.

While there may be drawbacks,

I'll take them in my stride,

Knowing "My Daddy saved a life,"

our children can say with pride.

The gusting winds and raging flames

May be his final fate,

But with God's help, I can remain

My Fireman's Faithful Mate!


I had a dream last night about my grandfather. To me this wasn't any normal dream. I have never had a dream like this before. I was at our old church were we use to have church service and we were fixing to have church there. Everyone knew Peepaw was there and we were all aware that he had been dead, but that didn't matter because, we were all so happy to see him. He said he was there because there was something he needed to tell me. After he preached and we had service in the old church he took me outside and told me that "I needed to go to the Well for Strength and I should Forsake all Others."
After that we went to where he and my Meemaw use to live. He bought her house back for her and told me that "He just told Meemaw that she was going to stop taking all of her medicine because God could heal her and she didn't need to take those pills any longer."

After I woke up I told my Dad about my dream. He told me he thought he knew what my dream meant and that I needed to really think about it. I know according to the Bible that Jesus is the well and when he told me to forsake all others, that he was telling me to not put anyone before Jesus.....