Married to a fireman

Hollywood will make the life of a fireman to be wonderful and filled with drama, but it's not all that. Picture more of a lonely life where it is you and your children most of the time. Your husband is always either on his way to an emergency call or coming back from one. It is a life of uncertainty. Family time may be interrupted at a moments notice or dinner dates canceled because a call ran longer than he had expected.

I am extremely proud of my husband and what he does but its not without sacrifice. I've been asked if its hard to be a fireman's wife, but its the fear of the job that most people are talking about. That part you tend to stick in the back of your mind. Its always there, but if your always worried about that, it will consume you. So, for me the hardest part about being a fireman's wife is the lonely nights and the constant interruption of life.

When I read about a family where the husband is in the military I thank God that I at least get my husband home a few times a week because not having my husband, best friend, and father to my children there with me for months or even years would be heart breaking and very difficult. 

I am trying to be more thankful for the time we have together for you never know when that time maybe gone.