Merry Christmas!

My husband has to work today, so we got up around 6:00am to let the kids open their presents. This is the first Christmas he won't be here with us. It makes me sad, but I have so much to be thankful for. At least he will only be gone for 24 hours and not for months at a time. I can't even imagine how it must be for the families who have a loved one in the service who are station so far away.

Christmas Cookies

Every year around this time I try to bake a good batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was making Chocolate Chip Cookies with my Dad. It was something we did every year. For some reason when I make an effort to make my own cookies using his recipe my first batch turns out terrible.

First batch of cookies not so great!

Second batch of cookies....YUMMY!