Pediatric Stroke Awareness

This is my youngest, Nick who suffered a stroke before he was born. As shocking as it may sound 1 in 4000 babies suffer a stroke each year. Before my son was born I had no idea that unborn babies could suffer from a stroke.

Nick was a preemie who was born 7 weeks early and when he was 6 months old he was not lifting his head or pushing up on his arms. I talked to my son's pediatrician and addressed my concerns. She said since he was a preemie he would need extra time. I went home and started searching online for ways that I could help my son. I came across several articles about Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. I made another appointment with Nick's pediatrician and asked her what she thought about him doing therapy? She thought it was worth a try, but also told me not to get my hopes up. I was determined to do whatever I needed to do.

Nick started doing Occupational Therapy twice a week, then Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy twice a week along with other visits to different specialist. He was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy & Seizure disorder. He had to wear orthopedic shoes & gloves, and a patch over his stronger eye. As therapy progressed so did Nick. He eventually lifted his head, pushed up, rolled over, sat on his own, began to crawl, and even started to walk.

He is now 6 years old and is doing so well. He may struggle from time to time, but with help if needed he is able to do everything and more!