Hayley Smith Fundraiser

I know the family would appreciate anything anyone would like to donate to help Hayley and her family for their upcoming medical expenses. Here is a link to a PayPal account that has been setup.

Hayley Smith Fundraiser

God's Blessings

I am so thankful for all the love, support and especially all the PRAYERS for my sister Hayley. My faith has been renewed a thousand times over. I know no matter what we go through there isn't anything too big for my GOD!

Thank the LORD!

Hayley's bleeding has stopped, She isn't on any pain medicine & her kidneys are functioning normal. The doctor doesn't feel comfortable taking the ventilator out yet. They have ordered more test for in the morning. We appreciate everyone's prayers. Please continue to pray for Hayley.

Awesome news!

Very good news! Hayley is awake and alert and trying to ask for certain people! They may take the tubes out tomorrow!!! All of her labs came back good. Please continue to pray for her!

Update on Hayley

Please continue to pray for my sister Hayley. From what I have been told the doctor broke her water and minutes later she was complaining that she couldn't breathe. She stopped breathing and had a seizure. (When they broke her water it went to her heart and lungs). They did an emergency C section. Her heart stopped for thirty minutes. she is now on life support in critical condition and unstable. They are giving her blood and hoping that they can get it to clot so that they can stabilize her blood pressure.


Please pray for my sister Hayley. She was induced last night and I don't know any of the details right now, but she has been put on life support. I know God has control of everything! Please pray for my sister & her baby

Girls Night Out!

Enjoying our Girls Night Out @ The Melting Pot!
I think my friends, Jenifer and Heather felt sorry for me and felt I needed a night out with the girls! :)

Appreciating what I have

I read a quote online and it really hit home with me.

I love my husband so much. There have been so many times I have taken for granted how much my husband, David means to me.

"Don't take your partner for granted. Instead of complaining
about the things you don't like, pay attention to the things your partner does that makes your life easier, the things you'd miss if your partner wasn't there. Appreciate what you have. It doesn't have to be perfect to be great."