Surgery Day

We are at the hospital waiting for my surgery to start. I pray God will be with the doctors and nurses today. I know I will be okay. I'm just ready to get have it done and over with.

The greatest gift :)

I found this note on my bed tonight from my oldest daughter. This sweet gift made me cry tears of joy. There have been many times I have felt like I have failed as a Mother. When I receive little notes like this, it makes me feel that I've done something right. 😍

Karate Class

My son is getting pretty good at martial arts. I'm so happy he is starting to become more interested in something other than his xbox360.

Valentine's Day is Surgery Day

I have pre registered for my surgery. Which is scheduled on Valentine's Day. I pray everything goes well & I get to go home that day.
My hubby is so sweet. He is taking me out the night before for Valentine's Day. I just love him so much.

Life's Struggles

I have seen more how people you think are your friends can be rude, hateful, cruel and stab you in the back. How someone can gossip and talk about you and cause you to just feel alone.
I have to remind myself that God sees & hears everything ... the struggles, the triumphs, the lows, the highs, the cries, the laughter, & the whispers. I find comfort in knowing that I am never alone. I may not have many friends, but I am better off being around the people who truly care about me.