Remembering the Youngest Lives Lost on 9-11

    A total of eight children under the age of 11 died on Sept. 11, 2001. The only children to die as a result of the attacks were on hijacked flights. The remaining three were on United Airlines Flight 175, which hit the South Tower.
Students as old as high school seniors have no frame of reference for what happened on that black Tuesday. They were too young to understand when it happened and may only now be curious about it because of media coverage of the 10th anniversary.
To quote a story I read earlier this week, “First and foremost, parents struggle with how and when to explain the disaster, especially to younger kids. For many children born after 2001, Sept. 11 is simply part of the wallpaper of their generation … but other kids, especially those old enough to remember the attacks, are more conscious of it. And their response to it can change over time.”
Children get older and rethink certain events with a new understanding.
Source: (fantasticflags)