Snow Day 2014

We weren't really expecting too much snow here in the valley of East, TN. I dropped the kids off at school this morning. Came back home to get ready for work. As I was fixing to leave it had been announced that school would be dismissing early at 11:00am. It took me an hour to get the kids. The roads got nasty really fast. On the way home we slid several times. When we got to our road I went into a ditch. Kids were scared and in panic mode. We were all okay, thankfully. I am thankful for my firefighter of a husband for getting us out of the ditch and then up our driveway. My brother salted the driveway and drove the other vehicles back to the house. My hubby is working tonight at the fire dept. Everyone was called in because of the weather and road conditions. School has been canceled for tomorrow, so the kids are very excited about that. I will probably be working from home.
The kids and I got to play out in the snow for the first time in a long time. I just wish my hubby could of been here. Praying for his safety and all the firefighters, first responders, ems workers, 911 dispatchers, the men and women who salt the roads, etc who are out working to keep us all safe.

At the doctor....again

This time it's not for me. My youngest, Nick has been sick this week. First with a stomach virus (again) and now with an ear infection. The doctor said the inside of his ear is bleeding and he has stuff coming out if his tubes. He just had this set of tubes out in before Thanksgiving. 
Going to see Dr. Moreno his ear, nose and throat doctor next week. :(

Its comforting to know that God always knows what we need. No matter what we go through in life we are not alone. I am ashamed that I don't read my Bible as much as I should. Finding this verse in my Bible was very comforting and it gave me strength to get through the day.

Isaiah 43:2

When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they will not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle unto thee.

Life Is Handing Me Lemons, But I'm Too Tired To Make Lemonade

I'm always tired. It seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Stressed about work and life. I'm feeling very overwhelmed. There are things I want to do, but by the time I go to work, pick up the kids and then come home and take care of the kids until I get them into bed, I am too tired. This is not a new routine for me, but lately it has taken everything out of me.

My headaches and migraines are still a daily struggle. I somehow have been managing to get out of bed and get something done.

My hubby is working day and night at his job. I'm thankful for the work, but I know how exhausted he is. We are long over due for a date night. Where we don't talk about work or anything serious. Just a night out to relax and enjoy some time alone.

I don't have that one friend I can call to talk to when I'm feeling down. I can talk to my hubby, but he doesn't always understand me. Especially how I'm feeling about something. After all I'm a woman. I know he tries, but most guys just tell their self "to get over it" and they move on. For women it doesn't always work that way. We are not programed to think like a man and a man isn't programed to think like a woman.

I know everyone faces challenges. We are told this is a part of life. There is no growth without having growing pains. Blah Blah Blah! There are always people that seem to drain me of every last bit of energy I have.

I’ve had struggles, frustration, and heartache before, but so much has happened over the last month. Having a childhood friend pass suddenly is devastating. Lyndsey was the first of my generation to pass away. She left behind two children and a husband. I honestly can't imagine the pain and grief they are going through. I know life must go on, but I also know how hard it is to come to that point in life where you have to go on.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It’s that time of year again! It’s Girl Scout cookie season and you won’t want to miss out on buying your favorites! Contact me, David Hodge or my daughter, Celie today to place your order! $4.00 a box. (Savannah Smiles, Trefoils, Do-Si- Dos, Samoas, Dulce de Leche, Thank You Berry Munch, Tagalongs & Thin Mints).